Up to now, we have been in charge of and carried out many projects successfully. The typical projects
stated as below:

1. Vietnam government scholarship project 2020:

In order to improve the quality of teaching and learning English in Vietnam education system, the project 2020 is implemented in all Vietnamese schools including primary, secondary, high secondary schools, colleges and universities. The project has two targeted people: teachers and students with two components training inside Vietnam and training outside Vietnam. Each Department of education and Training in Vietnam has responsibility to making plan with its partner and submitted the plan of training and carried out the training within the set time. TTG is in charge of carrying out the project in Bac Giang Province for sending a group of highly qualified teachers from selected secondary, high schools every year since 2013 to University of Anglia Ruskin- UK to take one month training in TESOL. The result of the trip was very successful and this was the most wonderful experience for teachers the first time going abroad joining a training period.

2. The project 500:

The project 500 carried out by Hong Duc University and the fund is granted by Thanh Hoa People Committee. The Project is aimed to improve the quality of senior managers at local and provincial levels in state companies and organizations. At the same time, a number of young leaders are sent abroad to take Bachelor/Master degree in order to come back and contribute to the development of province later. TTG works closely with University of Southampton in this project to send teachers abroad and we have collected positive feedback from candidates since 2010.

3. Project “Master Foreign Languages_MFL ” campaign

This project will be started in 2016 with TTG partners in the system of almost all high schools & Universities in Vietnam. The project is aimed to motivate students learning English and another foreign language like Spanish. At the same time, by joining this project, students have opportunity to be granted scholarship to go abroad to study summer camp or granted partial tuition fee to take long term course like Bachelor degree or Master degree.
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