About Us

Welcome to TTGlobal Education

TTGlobal Company was established in 2009 by a group of study abroad students. Its originating name is T&T Translation Limited Company and after that it was developed to be a study abroad company. Working in the study abroad field, the difference of TTGlobal Education is all about its services offered by the company. Our function is not to work directly with students to recruit students for schools but we function as a bridge helping foreign schools the first time approaching Vietnam market. Therefore, so far we focus on only two markets: UK and Spain. We work with a number of partners in Vietnam including partner agencies, universities, and high schools and connect those partners with our partner’s foreign universities. We also help to new schools coming to Vietnam open representative office and help to coordinate their projects to recruit the students. For students going via our partner system, we will provide all services including accommodation, pickup, doing residence permit, finding part time job for students and apply for main course after they finish their first year of language in their countries.

The big system of partners in Vietnam and in Spain leads us one of the leading companies working in Spain market with the increasing number of students going to study in Spain every year. In 2015 we have sent so far 130 students for September intake and it is aimed to be 200 students in 2016. We also have strong UK market with top universities like University of York, University of Southampton.

For staff, we have office in Hanoi and small office in Ho Chi Minh City with experienced staff. Also in Uk and Spain, each city we work we have our own coordinators and project staff in charge of students coming to Vietnam. Besides working with schools to send students there to study , we work with specific internship companies to arrange internship for students right from Vietnam before leaving.

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