1. UCAM- University Catholic San Antonio Murcia
  2. ESEI Business School _ Barcelona
  3. Cesine University – Santander
  4. IE Business School
  5. ESADE Business School
  6. EAE Business School
  7. Pompeu Fapra University
  8. Cordoba University
  9. Malaga University
  10. Zaragoza University
  11. Autonomous University of Barcelona
  12. University of Barcelona
  13. Alcala University
  14. Carlos III University
  15. Salamanca University
  16. UPM University
  17. Enforex
  18. Proyecto Español
  19. Don quijote
  20. Intership companies

We have exclusive contract with Animafest company and all students sent via us will have opportunity to work with the 300 top hotels all over Spain in summer time or winter time with the salary of 300E++ plus meal and accommodation.

Detail information please contact.

Besides, we also work with a number of internship companies in Spain to help students to get aupair or language assistant jobs with the monthly salary of 300e plus accommodation and meals.


  1. University of York
  2. University of Southampton
  3. University of Anglia Ruskin
  4. University of Northampton
    University of Ulster
  5. Samiad School


  1. Scholarship Bodies:
  2. Project 500
  3. Project 2020 _ Department of Education and Training_ Bac Giang Province

International High schools System

  1. Olympia
  2. Hanoi Academy
  3. Wellspring

Agencies network national wide : For each project specifically, we have been working with a number of our agency partners to carry out the marketing campaign and recruit national wide.

The North: active agencies we have been working closely for the past ten years

  1. Amec
  2. VNPC
  3. Megastudy
  4. ICO
  5. ASCI
  6. Newocean
  7. Kenhduhoc
  8. Iprostudy
  9. Elink
  10. Vietglobal
  11. Panda OSC
  12. Global Connek
  13. Cepece
  14. HISA
  15. Cleverlearn

The South: Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang City

  1. Minh Hoang An
  2. Duong Minh
  3. Eduviet Global
  4. ASCI
  5. Amec
  6. VNPC
  7. Global Viet
  8. Worldwide Education

Vietnam Universities:

The North:

  1. Thang Long University
  2. Hanoi University
  3. University of Trade and Commerce
  4. Hai Phong University
  5. FPT University

The South:

  1. Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Science and Humanity
  2. Hoa Sen University
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